Seashore Foraging for Families

I am passionate about introducing children to Seashore and Hedgerow Foraging, but it is difficult to share knowledge with a group that has adults with children and those unaccompanied by children! What I talk about to adults and children is often quite different, partly for safety reasons, and partly so that I can concentrate on each age group individually.

We take a look at seaweeds at low tide. Taste them straight from the rocks and take some back for your next meal. Discover other strange uses for seaweeds and coastal plants! The meeting-up times vary in order to give us maximum opportunity at low tide.  I use various beaches and let you know the venue nearer the course date. Approx 2+ hours +

Family Seashore Foraging Course

Prices: – £14.50 per adult, £4.00 per child (6-15 years inclusive)
Approximately 2+ hours
I regret that you are unable to bring dogs with you on this course.

Wednesday 26th July … 2.30pm
Tuesday 8th August … 12.45pm
Wednesday 23rd August … 1.15pm