Seashore Foraging and Wild Picnic

Enjoy a good rootle round on the seashore to find seaweeds like dulse, sea spaghetti and the famous Welsh favourite, laver. Sample and compare the flavours of dry seaweed and raw, fresh seaweed straight off the rocks…

Discover how you can incorporate these amazing sea vegetables in your everyday meals at home and what else you can use these adaptable seaweeds for.

You’ll find this course offers a lot of information and fun!

You will notice that there are no venues given. We like to ring the changes sometimes and there are reasons for occasionally choosing different beaches. We shall let you know all details approximately one week before the course date. All are in Pembrokeshire, most very close to St Davids.

£35.00 per person (16 years upwards)

£5.00 per child (8-16)

Free for children under 7 years
Approximately 2+ hours

Parents – please bring snacks/picnic to suit children under 7 years..

For further details and BOOKING please email Julia on

giving preferred date and the numbers of adults and children you would like to take part plus all contact details.


Sat. 20th (Easter) – meet 1.00 pm


Sun. 5th (Bank Hol.) – 12.30pm


Sunday 2nd meet 11.30am

Sunday 23rdmeet 4.00pm


Sunday 14thmeet 10.30am

Wednesday 31stmeet 11.30am


Monday 5th – meet 3.30pm

Sunday 18th – meet 2.00pm




Sunday 27th – meet 11.30pm

Please read these notes…

Remember to bring your own drinking water. Sun block is also important.

Safe footwear is so essential. Please wear shoes that are safe on rocks and that you don’t mind getting salty and sandy or wet. Those little pull-on soft beach/water shoes and ‘jellies’ and wet-suit shoes are great and suitable for walking over rocks as they have good soles and save you from stubbing your toes on hidden obstacles in the water! Wellington boots can be dangerous and slippery on rocks especially if the soles are worn smooth, and they really only enable you to paddle round at the edge of the sea! Shoes need soles with a good grip.

You will learn more by paddling out into the water a  little with me to collect seaweed, seeing where it grows and picking it yourself rather than standing on the shore, so shorts or jeans that will roll up are better too! (some people prefer wear wetsuits or bathers). It’s not much fun if you have to stand on the edge dodging waves whilst others are discovering interesting things!!

When we finish on the beach we encourage everyone to each take away some rubbish from the shore – just what we can carry easily. It all helps. As you can see from a couple of my pictures (see gallery, beach foraging) there is such a variety of discarded waste washed up and much of it is dangerous to marine life. If everybody took away something and disposed of it responsibly it would be wonderful. Please think about it every time you go to the beach.

Regrettably, courses may have to be cancelled if there are insufficient numbers.

If you would like to organise your own group for a Seashore Course or even a Combined Hedgerow & Seashore Course then do contact me. I need 6 people minimum for each of these courses.