Really Wild Recipes

It wasn’t too long ago that people who collected wild foods were considered to be hippyish crackpots, but now there is so much interest in foraging, survival and bush-craft that those of us who get out there and actually ‘do’ it are beginning to appear normal!

The interest in wild food foraging is seemingly increasing, going hand in hand with the growing (pardon the pun!) interest in allotments, home-grown vegetables and fruit, and even guerrilla gardening, where unused areas of ground (particularly in cities) are taken over and used to produce crops.

There are professional wild-food harvesters too, collecting for free, ingredients throughout the year to supply restaurants, food producers and shops. Chefs can be paying around £25 per pound weight for wood sorrel and £20 for morel mushrooms!

March is reckoned to be the start of Spring, or at least it is in theory, and the longer days and extra sunlight encourages all manner of goodies to start growing. The flavour of the wild harvest in Spring is hard to beat.